As we add features to our products we will continue to make these improvements available to our customers. Most of these upgrades involve the simple task of downloading an upgrade app that, when run, upgrades the product’s firmware and/or the PC-based user interface software (e.g., Maestro).

Upgrade Policy:

  • NOTE: Carefully read the Software License. By downloading any files from Astrometric Instruments, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not download any files.
  • Upgrades are down-loadable from this web page. There is no password necessary to download and install the upgrade however a Software License Code may be necessary to use the software.

Summary of Astrometric’s software offerings

Software and Firmware upgrades

We provide two types of software for our systems:

  • User interface software for Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • “Firmware” that runs inside our hardware and provides the product functionality.

Both software and firmware are upgradable via downloadable installers.

Our products are designed so that functionality is provided in the hardware (i.e. via the firmware). When you upgrade the firmware these settings are preserved. Also, when you change PCs, and install new software, you will find that the system settings are preserved since they reside in the hardware product, not on the PC.

Interfaces to other astronomy software products

Our software for Microsoft Windows provides a user interface to our hardware functionality and exposes the hardware functionality via the ASCOM and Bisque X2 standard interfaces. You can use any of the many available ASCOM compliant software packages or Software Bisque’s TheSkyX as a user interface to our system as well.

Maestro user interface version 3 --> version 4

Presently our Maestro software is in transition from version 3, which is a user interface only for telescope control, to version 4, which will be the user interface for all of our hardware products. The present Windows user interface software available for our products is:

  • Telescope control (PrimeTCS and S-Box controllers): Maestro version 3 only.
  • DomePro2, FocusPro2, RotoFocus2 and RotatorPro2 controllers: Maestro version 4 only.

Software upgrades per product

Go to our firmware & software release page to access all upgrades.