Much of our sales are for custom work that is individually quoted to the project needs. However, we do offer a number of standard components which are listed here along with pricing*. Many of our standard components are stocked and available for immediate purchase. If you need assistance in product selection or purchase, simply contact us and we will gladly answer any questions you have and help you with the purchase.

Dealer inquiries are welcome. Please contact us for details.

*All prices are subject to change without notice.

Telescope Control Systems and Components

ProductSKUPriceLead time
PrimeTCS-Ui Telescope Controller and Maestro software.PTCS-UI$4,375In stock
PrimeTCS-Ui with NEMA 23 motors 0.41Nm (58 oz-in) cont., integral servo drivers, cables & power supply.PTCS-UI-23A-01$6,2002 weeks
PrimeTCS-Ui with NEMA 23 motors 0.88Nm (124 oz-in) cont., integral servo drivers, cables & power supply.PTCS-UI-23B-01$6,3502 weeks
PrimeTCS-Ui with NEMA 34 motors 1.95Nm (277 oz-in) cont., integral servo drivers, cables & power supply.PTCS-UI-34A-01$7,2502 weeks
PrimeTCS-Ui with NEMA 34 motors 3.38Nm (478 oz-in) cont., integral servo drivers, cables & power supply.PTCS-UI-34B-01$7,2502 weeks
Two-axis High Resolution Absolute Encoder Option for PrimeTCS-U.HRAO2$1,210In stock
Joystick handpaddle for ATCS. Robust CNC machined enclosure with curly cord.HPJ$523In stock
Major Maestro software and ATCS firmware upgrade.

Upgrades system to 3.00.000 functionality. Details here: Readme3_00_000.

We will email the license code (during USA - Eastern time office hours).

Download from the link to the right and then install/run the software. Functionality is limited until a valid license is entered.

Any ATCS controllers that are used as spares, on one telescope system, will not require extra license expenditure. Contact us if this is the case.

This upgrade fee is only charged between major versions (e.g., to


Email (for license)...
S-Box serial number...

Download now

 Cables up to 55' (17m) available upon request.  Prices above are for 10' (3m) cables.

Dome Control Systems and Components

Our DomeProU-d and DomeProU-c products are customized for each installation. Contact us for information and pricing.

Our DomeProU-dx product for small/amateur domes can be purchased here.  All models include Maestro software and ASCOM support.

ProductSKUPriceLead time
DomeProU-dx azimuth controller for DC motor.DPU-DS-AZ-DC$1,8202 weeks
DomeProU-dx azimuth controller for step/dir external drivers.DPU-DS-AZ-SD$1,8202 weeks
DomeProU-dx dual shutter controller for DC motors.DPU-DS-2S-DC$1,4302 weeks

Accessory Controllers

ProductSKUPriceLead time
RotoFocusPro2 integrated field (de)rotation and focus controller.RFP2$1,850In stock
RotatorPro2 field (de)rotation controller.RP2$1,250In stock
FocusPro2 focus controller.FP2$1,250In stock

Custom Installations, Retrofits and Restorations

Contact us to discuss custom projects, retrofits and restorations. Each project has its own unique needs. We work closely with our customers to make sure these needs are met.