Astrometric Legacy Systems and Upgrade Paths

Not many other companies protect your investment and provide upgrade paths for decades-old equipment.

Upgrade Paths Available to Owners of Legacy Telescope Systems

The latest version of the Astrometric Telescope Control System (ATCS) is our PrimeTCS-Ui controller. Upgrade options for this and older ATCS products are as follows...

PrimeTCS-i or SkyWalker/S-Box system in need of a software/firmware upgrade

Installations with older ATCS hardware can upgrade the Maestro software and controller firmware to the latest capability.  Visit our Software Upgrades page for details.

Older ATCS hardware upgrade discount

Astrometric provides a 10% discount to owners of older ATCS systems (e.g., SkyWalker/S-Box or PrimeTCS-i) who wish to upgrade to PrimeTCS-Ui.   Contact us for more details.

Astrometric Legacy Systems

PrimeTCS-i Telescope Controller

PrimeTCS-i is our 1st generation of PrimeTCS controller. PrimeTCS-i integrated the functionality of our previous S-Box and SkyWalker products including the function of the Automation Module (an S-Box peripheral). High resolution absolute and incremental encoders hardware interfacing was provided by the HREM2 and HRAM accessories. This capability is included inside our new PrimeTCS-Ui controller.

S-Box: Upgrades legacy SkyWalker systems

The S-Box upgraded older SkyWalker products to modern Astrometric Telescope Control System (ATCS) functionality.  In particular, the S-Box enabled older SkyWalkers to work with our Maestro user interface software running on Windows7 and onwards.

S-Box accessories

The Automation Module, when installed one per telescope axis, provided home indexing and limits of motion for older SkyWalker systems.

The HREM (High Resolution Encoder Module), provided interface to axial angle encoders with sufficient resolution to enable ATCS' axial encoder feedback features.

Note: the features provided by the Automation Module and HREM are standard features on PrimeTCS-Ui.

SkyWalker upgrade

SkyWalker: Legacy Telescope Control System


Telescope controller for use with external motor drivers.


Telescope controller with built-in dual-axis microstepper motor drivers.


Telescope controller with small built-in DC servo motors


DomePro and DomePro2 Legacy Dome/Enclosure Control & Automation

Astrometric has provided telescope dome and enclosure automation since our first DomePro product in 2006.  In 2017 our product line was upgraded to DomePro2 and in 2021 to DomeProU.  All of our older controllers are still supported and operate to this day.

Astrometrics Control for Dome and Telescope Enclosure

Legacy Accessory Controllers

FocusPro, FilterPro, SwitchPro and Rotator Pro

are our first-generation products.  Visit our Accessory Control page to view our present offering.

Legacy Accessory Controllers