This page provides:

  • Descriptions of the upgrade paths available to owners of legacy Astrometric systems.
  • Brief descriptions of our older SkyWalker telescope control system products.  SkyWalker systems are no longer sold; however, we do repair old SkyWalker systems (when possible) and we offer the S-Box accessory which upgrades our older SkyWalker systems to modern functionality.

Upgrade Paths

Presently there are three Astrometric Telescope Control System (ATCS) upgrade paths to consider depending on the legacy hardware and software to be upgraded...

SkyWalker system that has not been upgraded with an S-Box

SkyWalker systems can be upgrade to modern  ATCS functionality with the S-Box accessory.  Details are below.

PrimeTCS or SkyWalker/S-Box system in need of a software/firmware upgrade

Modern ATCS installations can upgrade the Maestro software and controller firmware to the latest capability.  Visit out Software Upgrades page for details.

SkyWalker/S-Box to PrimeTCS upgrade options

Astrometric provides a 10% discount to owners of SkyWalker systems who wish to upgrade to PrimeTCS.  This offer stands regardless if the SkyWalker includes an S-Box.  Additionally, the handpaddle can be re-used with PrimeTCS if it is newer than 2006.  Contact us for more details.

S-Box: SkyWalker upgrade and accessories

The S-Box upgrades our older SkyWalker products to modern Astrometric Telescope Control System (ATCS) functionality.  In particular, the S-Box allows older SkyWalkers to work with our Maestro user interface software running on Windows7 and onwards.

Note: The S-Box does not include all the features of PrimeTCS however it is a excellent way to preserve investment in a SkyWalker-based system.  As mentioned above, customers wishing to upgrade a SkyWalker-based system to PrimeTCS will receive a 10% discount.

The S-Box and its accessories are in stock and can be purchased directly from our Price List & Purchase page.


To view the S-Box Spec Sheet please click here.

S-Box accessories

The Automation Module, when installed one per telescope axis, provides the following functionality for S-Box based systems:

  • Accurate Home Index sensing in support of SkyWalker’s “Align from Home Seek” feature.
  • Axial limits-of-motion detection (sensing limit switches) and subsequent routing into SkyWalker’s Hard Limit input and reset of coordinates to limit values.
  • Hard Limit override support allowing a remote user/script to “back” the telescope out of a Hard Limit condition.

Note: the features provided by the Automation Module are standard features on PrimeTCS.

The HREM (High Resolution Encoder Module), provides interface to axial angle encoders with sufficient resolution to enable ATCS' axial encoder feedback features.  Note: the features provided by the HREM are standard features on PrimeTCS.

SkyWalker: Legacy telescope control system


Telescope controller for use with external motor drivers.


Telescope controller with built-in dual-axis microstepper motor drivers.


Telescope controller with small built-in DC servo motors