Telescope Dome/Enclosure Control & Automation

Astrometric's DomeProU Controllers

The DomeProU is born from the experience of installing our DomePro (first in 2006) and DomePro2 products on hundreds of domes by Ash Manufacturing and others.

DomeProU provides fully automated control of all types of telescope enclosures including: classic domes, clamshell domes and roll-off roof enclosures.

DomeProU is specifically designed for remote observatory control:

  • Standards support: ASCOM and Bisque X2.
  • Email/text notification for fault conditions.
  • High reliability design and construction.
  • Robust time-tested performance.
  • Extended temperature operation.
  • Exclusive use of quality components.
  • Never lose position: RFID absolute & redundant encoder options.
  • Equipment protection (Redundant limits, over-current protections, timeouts, weather/power-fail closure, absolute shutter angle control).
Maestro Software

Integrated Systems for Dome Control

Astrometric specializes in integrated control systems for domes from Ash Manufacturing, Astro Haven, Technical Innovations, Explora Dome, Sirius and others.  Our system will adapt to any dome that can be motorized for rotation and/or shutter control.

All of our dome control systems are complete packages and, in many cases, involve drop-in installation.  Included is everything needed to provide reliable dome automation using existing (manufacturer installed) motors.  For domes without existing motors, we can assist in adapting suitable motors.

Astrometric's DomeProU Models

DomeProU-d for Classic Domes

DomeProU-d consists of two modules, one for controlling dome azimuth motors (for rotation) and a second module (linked by wireless or cabled interface to the azimuth module) for controlling dome shutter motors.

Details of DomeProU-d features and options

Maestro4 Software

DomeProU-c for Clamshell Domes

DomeProU-c is one module that controls the two sides of the clamshell. Independent closure of either side to any angle is provided.

Details of DomeProU-c features and options

DomeProU-dx for small/amateur domes

The DomeProU-dx system is designed to control small domes such as the Explora Dome from Polydome of Litchfield, MN.  DomeProU-dx brings much of the “premium” capability of our DomeProU-d system into the affordable amateur market.  DomeProU-dx is designed for drop-in installation in Explora Dome 8’ and 11’ domes and can be used on any small dome with DC or stepper (azimuth/shutter) motors.

Details of DomeProU-dx features and options