Telescope Image Plane Rotation and Focus Controllers


RotoFocusProU is the ultimate device for telescope focus and field rotation control.  Typically, RotoFocusProU is used to provide control on large telescopes with custom focus and field rotation mechanisms.  Our Maestro user interface software is provided with RotoFocusProU, along with ASCOM support, to allow control from virtually all astronomy software designed to interface to a telescope focus or rotation controller (e.g. TheSkyX, MaximDL, ACP and many others).

RotoFocusProU is also available as a lower cost focus-only controller (FocusProU) or rotation-only controller (RotatorProU).   Check our price list page for pricing and availability for all three models.

RotoFocusProU - Features

  • Two independent microstepping bipolar stepper motor drives.
  • Supports rotation encoder feedback providing tightly servoed motion control (either incremental or absolute* encoders are supported).
  • Home switch sensing for focus and position angle referencing.
  • Non-volatile storage of focus position and position angle on power-off and restoration at power-on.
  • Limit of travel sensing.
  • Ambient temperature sensing.
  • Programmable rates/accelerations.
  • Field derotation for Alt/Az telescopes.
  • Selectable maximum motor current rating (up to 3.0A).
  • Maestro (Windows PC based) user interface software included.
  • 100% compliant ASCOM FocusV3 and RotatorV3 interfaces.

*Note: absolute position sensing requires the use of our HRAM (High Resolution Absolute Encoder Module) product.

Maestro's Rotation Control User Interface

Maestro's Rotation Control User Interface

Maestro's Focus Control User Interface

Maestro's Focus Control User Interface

RotoFocusProU is the device for the job if...

  • Your application requires precise image plane axial positioning (focus) and position angle (rotation) control, particularly for large payloads requiring high torque motors.
  • You need a standards-based product that can work with a broad selection of astronomy software.
  • You need clean integration with the rest of the instrument control functions such as telescope and dome control.

RotoFocusProU can be connected to Astrometric Instruments' PrimeTCS Telescope Controller and seamlessly provides field derotation for Alt/Az telescopes and focus operation from the PrimeTCS handpaddle. The companion Maestro software can support field derotation for any 3rd party telescope control system providing an ASCOM driver.

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