Astrometric Telescope Control Systems

PrimeTCS-Ui is the ultimate professional-class telescope controller designed for continuous night-after-night operation.  PrimeTCS-Ui includes such features as run-time correction of mount errors, support for axial encoder closed-loop feedback for sub-arcsecond tracking and pointing and comprehensive support for remote and automated operation (e.g. homing, fail-safe limits, safe shutdown).  Born from the experience of applying telescope control systems to numerous telescopes of all sizes and styles, PrimeTCS-Ui is unparalleled in capabilities and reliability.

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Complete PrimeTCS-Ui systems integrated with brushless servo motors

Astrometric Instruments offers standardized telescope control systems for custom applications.  In 1995, we introduced our first telescope control system (TCS).  Since then, our systems have been installed on hundreds of telescopes worldwide.  Every system we have shipped from our 1st generation systems in 1995 to our current PrimeTCS systems can be updated to the most recent capabilities.

Choose Astrometric Instruments if you want products and solutions with longevity. Not many vendors provide decades of product function.

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Astrometric Dome Control Systems

We provide standardized control systems for telescope dome (classic or clamshell) and roll-off roof enclosures.  Our systems can be used with nearly any type of telescope dome or enclosure including domes from Ash Manufacturing, Technical Innovations, Astro Haven, Sirius and Explora Dome.

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Astrometric Accessory Controllers

Astrometric provides a full line of controllers for focus, field rotation/de-rotation, filter-wheel and miscellaneous “switched” device control and interfacing applications.

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Applications: New Installations, Retrofits, Restorations

Astrometric's products have been used to build-out new observatory systems and to automate, retrofit and restore numerous existing telescopes with state-of-the-art functionality and modern standards support.

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Legacy Products & Upgrades

At Astrometric, we are committed to adding product value through the functional and operational longevity of our products.

Visit our legacy and upgrades page for a summary of our older products and their upgrade options.

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