Astrometric's products are effectively used in many different ways:


  • User directly interacts with the telescope (non-automated)
  • Telescope is used in real-time (observer up all night)
  • User can observe or take images: both interactively
  • Typical software used: Planetarium software such as TheSkyX from Software Bisque, Starry Night from Simulation Curriculum or Cartes Du Ciel (shareware) using ASCOM or Bisque X2 interface to Astrometric's instrument control products.


  • List of objects to image is assembled. This is the “Target List”
  • A single user submits the Target List to the Observatory Control Software
  • After dark, Observatory Control Software:
    • Orchestrates telescope, dome, camera, focuser, filterwheel, rotator to take images
    • Images taken in sequence until list is exhausted, weather goes bad or the night ends
  • Typical software used: observatory automation software such as ACP from DC3 Dreams or CCDAutoPilot from CCDWare using ASCOM interface to Astrometric's instrument control products.


Same as Batched except…

  • Observatory is automatically controlled and images “dispatched” in sequence to best meet criteria pre-specified by user(s)
  • Supports multiple users
  • Example software used: ACP Expert Edition from DC3 Dreams.

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