Two key attributes of Astrometric's products make them well-suited to a wide range of astronomical equipment control applications:

  1. Flexibility… can be setup to control virtually any type of telescope mount, dome/enclosure, or telescope accessories. Our products are fully configurable for nearly any application.
  2. Standards… our products support the ASCOM and Bisque X2 standards providing operation with virtually all astronomy software available today.

Astrometric's products are installed on hundreds of telescopes worldwide.  A gallery of installations using Astrometric's products, as installed on all types of instruments, is provided below.  References are available upon request.

Northern Skies Observatory: Vermont, USA


Telescope mount: Astrometric XMG2

Telescope control system: SkyWalker1/S-Box

Dome installation: 14.5’ kit from Ash Manufacturing

Dome control: DomePro

Application: Educational out-reach

Marcon Telescopes: Italy


Telescope control systems: PrimeTCS-i

Application: broad-application (telescope OEM)

Officina Stellare 32" (80cm) f/8 RC: Italy


Telescope Control System: SkyWalker/S-Box

Application: Research and public outreach, Campocatino Observatory, Rome Italy

24” (60cm) Palomar/Caltech: California, USA


Telescope Control System: SkyWalker1/S-Box

Focus Control: FocusPro

Filter Wheel Control: FilterPro

OTA Shutter Control: SwitchPro

Application: KBO recovery

Bellincioni: Italy


Telescope control systems: SkyWalker1/S-Box TCS

Application: high-end GEM and fork telescope mounts

24" (60cm) Post Observatory: New Mexico, USA

Telescope Control System: SkyWalker1/S-Box

Dome Control: DomePro

Optical Selector: Astrometric Hydra 4-port

Application: New transient search, SN and CV, for photometry and spectroscopic follow up

Heaven’s Glory Observatory: Massachusetts, USA


Telescope Control System: PrimeTCS-i retrofit of DFM fork mount

Application: Astrophotography

Franklin Institute: Pennsylvania, USA


SkyWalker1/S-Box telescope control for restored Zeiss refractor

20" Alvin Clark refractor: Wesleyan University, Connecticut, USA


SkyWalker1/S-Box Telescope Control System

La Torre del Sole: Italy


SkyWalker1/S-Box telescope control of 12” (30cm) refractor

Connecticut College: USA


SkyWalker1/S-Box Telescope Control System

McCarthy Observatory: Connecticut, USA


Dome Control: DomePro controlling 16’ dome from Ash Manufacturing