Astrometric Instruments, Inc. warranties that its products are free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of 2 years after purchase unless specifically noted otherwise in the product description.  This warranty is transferable to new ownership so long as Astrometric Instruments is notified of the transfer of ownership.  Installation practices that are not approved by Astrometric void this warranty. All equipment and materials are new and of the highest quality.  Custom installation, of non-Astrometric products, is warrantied for 90 days from installation.   Damage to equipment caused by lightning is not covered under this warranty. Unauthorized repairs void this warranty.

Repair: materials, labor and shipping

Repairs outside of warranty are billed at our hourly repair rate (contact us for specifics) plus materials and return shipping.

Abandoned property policy

Any customer property returned to Astrometric Instruments cannot be guaranteed to be in the care of Astrometric Instruments for more than a period of 1 year of no contact.

International repair return policy

For international repair return shipments please provide Astrometric Instruments, Inc. with the shipment details needed to assure smooth import. By default, Astrometric Instruments, Inc. will provide to the shipper the appropriate US Shipper Export Declaration (SED) designation, a "customs value" and an "insured value". Customs value will differ from insured value if, for example, the shipment is for a repair (i.e. where the value of the repair work is generally much lower than the value that the package should be insured for). If there is no ability to specify customs value separate from insured value (which is often the case) then the customs value will reflect the replacement cost of the equipment to assure proper insurance. To avoid unnecessary repair return import duty: please provide details on your country's specific means to declare repaired and returned equipment.