• 2X “Old HP1/SW” connections providing “in-line” installation between ATCS2-3 HP1 and SkyWalker.
  • 2X “New HP/TCS” connections providing connection to optional Telescope Control System (TCS) devices (such as HP2).
  • Com port for RS232 connection to Client software. Provides 12v source to power communications accessories available from Astrometric Instruments (e.g. RS422 connection extension, Ethernet connection, Bluetooth wireless connection).
  • Power LED
  • Status LED (indicates normal operation by slowly flashing)
Controller module

Astrometric Instrument’s Universal Telescope Controller (UTC) including:

  • ARM7DTMI 32-bit RISC microprocessor (66MHz)
  • 4MB Flash memory
  • 256kB SRAM with additional 1MB option
  • Real-time clock/calendar chip with super-stable (±2 PPM, or ±1 minute/year, 0-40°C) temperature-compensated oscillator
  • Standard RS232 serial connection
  • N-drop Telescope Control System (TCS) expansion
  • 1” long x 2.2” wide x 1.0” thick (130mm x 56mm x 25mm)
  • 5 ounces (70 grams)
Power requirements
  • 12v (11.0v to 14.2v allowed) at nominally 70mA (100mA worst case) provided from ATCS2-3 SkyWalker. Assumes no TCS accessories installed/operating.
Environmental Requirements
  • -20C to 50C ambient
  • 5% - 95% relative humidity, non-condensing