An image of a DomePro2-c module that controls the two sides of the clamshell and provides independent closure of either side to any angle.

DomePro2-c features list

Fully enclosed control module

  • DomePro2-c is not a board level product. Electronics are packaged in a robust industrial metal enclosure which is sealed on all but the bottom panel and is impervious to dust and insects.
  • CNC machined connector panels – accurately fits external connectors.

Drop-in low hassle installation

  • All cables are connected through removable connectors. There are no cables/wires that need to be connected inside the sealed modules.
  • Field installs and replacements are quick and easy. No active electronics are hard-wired to the dome.

Exclusive use of high-quality components

  • Reliable industrial connectors and cables.
  • Extended temperature operation.

Versatile PC-based user interface software: Maestro

  • PC-access to all DomePro2 features, settings and diagnoses.
  • Standards support: ASCOM and Bisque X2.
  • Email/text notification for any fault condition (e.g., timeouts, weather unsafe, power fail, over-current, under-voltage, over-temp, failsafe shutter limits, etc.).
  • Maestro can ping an IP address and provide network-drop/timeout dome closure.
  • Protected access to all system settings.

Controller features

  • DomePro2-c can control DC motors, single-phase AC or 3ph AC (with soft-start capability). Motors are typically provided by the dome manufacturer however Astrometric can also provide complete motor solutions.
  • Designed for reliable remote and unattended operation.
  • Capability to independently control both clamshell shutters and set each shutter to its own unique angle using optional absolute shutter angle sensors.
  • Direct (i.e., no PC in the loop) weather “unsafe” dome closure with suitable weather station (e.g., Boltwood).
  • “Mains” (AC line) power fail detection… provides immediate power-safe dome closure from UPS/battery.
  • Failsafe shutter closure on PC link timeout.
  • Motor current monitoring and overload protection. Power supply voltage monitoring.  Temperature monitoring.
  • Overvoltage/transient/surge protection, fully shielded cabling.
  • A rich set of timeouts protecting against motor or other system component failures. All timeouts are individually programmable and enablable.
  • Keylock and E-Stop switches on front panel.
  • Easy upgrade of controller firmware and PC software.
  • Isolated USB interface to PC running our Maestro user interface software.
  • "Coast" compensation for acceleration/deceleration distances.
  • Manual override controls for separately opening or closing each shutter.
  • Remote E-Stop switch support.

DomePro2-c systems include

  • A control module configured for single-phase AC motors (110V-240V 8A max), DC motors (12-28V 16A max) or external motor drivers (e.g., for 3ph AC or stepper/servo motors).
  • Power supplies. AC units do not need a power supply.  DC units require 12V DC for motor power (see options below).
  • Maestro user interface software for Windows. Includes ASCOM Dome driver and Bisque X2 interface.
  • USB (2m, 5m or longer options available).
  • Weather-unsafe interface cable to Boltwood (or other) weather station.
  • “Mains” (AC line) power-good sensing and interface cable.
  • 2 year transferable warranty.
  • 1 year support contract: unlimited email and phone support.

DomePro2-c options

  • Shutter limit switches and wiring. Note: these are usually pre-installed by the manufacturer.
  • 3ph AC “soft-start” motor drivers.
  • External relay boards to drive AC motors exceeding 8A. AC motors <=8A are directly powered from DomePro2-c.
  • DC motor power supply options up to 16A.
  • Dual shutter absolute angle sensor that provides for shutter “goto” a specific angle. Also, present shutter angle is displayed from Maestro.
  • External/remote shutter open/close switch option. This is sometimes used to provide shutter open/close from outside the dome in lieu of a door.
  • Shutter backup limits.
  • External/remote E-Stop.