Supply voltage
  • Min Vs = 10.8VDC. This is 12v - 10%.
  • Max Vs = 30.0VDC. Note: some PrimeTCS-i units are limited to 15VDC.  Confirm with Astrometric Instruments before operating PrimeTCS-i above 15VDC.
  • Typical supply current: 140mA (with Vs = 12V, lower current at higher voltage) including HP and no accessory loads.
  • Main fuse: 2A fast-blow 5mm x 20mm
  • Index and Aux port +5VDC: resettable fuse with min hold current value of 250mA (high temp) and a max trip value of 900mA (low temp). Do not operate above 250mA.
  • Axial and Motor Encoder +5VDC: resettable fuse with min hold current value of 500mA (high temp) and a max trip value of 2.4A (low temp). Do not operate above 500mA.
Index port
  • Step and Dir signals
    • Output driver:
      • Push/pull driven from 5VDC or Gnd.
      • 100 ohm output impedance.
      • 25mA max source/sink current.
    • Issues up to 250,000 steps per second.
    • Step/Dir timing:

      • Step pulse: active low signal. Step line is quiescent high.
      • Min step pulse width: 1.8us at 250,000 steps per second.
      • Dir timing w.r.t. to Step
        • Setup time to step edge: 1us min
        • Hold time from step edge: 1us min
  • Includes: Hard Limit (HL), Home Index (HI), Gear Index (GI) and Gear Index Gate (GIG)
  • Internal 2.2kOhm pull-up to +5V
  • Max input low voltage: 0.66V
  • Min input high voltage: 2.64V
Aux port
  • DigOut and DrvEn
    • Output driver:
      • Push/pull driven from 5VDC or Gnd.
      • 100 ohm output impedance.
      • 25mA max source/sink current.
  • ParkOut+/-
    • Output driver:
      • Open collector (pull-down only) from ParkOut+ to ParkOut-.
      • Output current: 25mA max.
      • Rload: 200 Ohm min pull-down from 5VDC.
    • Output low voltage (voltage on ParkOut+ - voltage on ParkOut-)
      • 200 Ohm Rload: output voltage typical of 0.7V.
      • ≥1k Ohm Rload: output voltage typical of 0.1V or lower.
  • ParkIn+/-
    • Isolated input.  Specs below are between ParkIn+ and ParkIn-.
    • Vmin: -24V... minimum allowed voltage
    • Vop: 3.0V min... minimum voltage to signal asserted input
    • Vmax: 24V... maximum allowed voltage
    • Input impedance: 2.2kOhm
  • LimEnc and MotF analog inputs
    • Vmin: 0V
    • Vmax: 3.3V
Autoguider port
    • Connects to any “relay activated” autoguider.
    • Correction is applied at a settable velocity.
    • Provides industry standard SBIG pinout into an RJ12 connector:
    Control switches
      • Locking power on/off switch on X-axis drive unit.
      • Drive disable toggle switches on each drive unit.
      • Hard Limit over-ride push button on each drive unit.
      • Power/status (Red): flashing slowly for normal operation.
      • LBatt (Yellow): lit when supply voltage is below 11.0V.
      • Dis (Orange): lit if the motor drive is disabled.
      • HL (Red): lit in Hard Limit condition (can override with push button).
    Motor and Axial encoder interfaces
      • Supports standard quadrature output encoders.
      • Optional absolute encoder support (SSI, BiSS, EnDat) on the Axial encoder with the HRAM (High Resolution Absolute encoder Module) accessory.
      • Up to 4MHz count rate (250ns min quadrature pulse width). This is 90deg of the incoming channel A and B signals.  Min channel A and B period is 1us or 1MHz.

    Accuracy and resolution
      • Maximum motor steps per axial revolution: 99,999,998.
      • Maximum encoder counts per axial revolution: 99,999,998.
      • Internal calculation accuracy is to one motor step or one encoder count, whichever is larger.
    Max cable lengths
      • TCS: 40’ (12.2m) as max sum of all cables (e.g.; DU-to-DU plus HP cable).
      • DU-to-DU: 25’ (7.6m)
      • X-axis drive unit
        • Overall length (including mounting flanges): 4.46” (113mm)
        • Height: 2.18” (55mm)
        • Width: 3.95” (100mm)
      • Y-axis drive unit: same as X-axis except overall length is 3.96” (101mm)
    Internal time-base accuracy
      • ±7ppm -20C to 50C ambient
      • ±2ppm 0C to 40C ambient
    Environmental Requirements
      • -20C to 50C ambient
      • 5% − 95% relative humidity, non-condensing